► Download DBO Marine Mammal Watch Protocol-Sue Moore/UW, Jan 2023 version:

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Arctic Data Information

Data for DBO and Arctic related data is housed at the NSF Arctic Data Center, located in Santa Barbara, CA, USA. The ADC is the primary data and software repository for the Arctic section of National Science Foundation's Office of Polar Programs (NSF OPP).

Data Access and Submission

You can access DBO-specific data from ADC's DBO portal. To access other datasets related to Arctic research, click here and to submit data, click here. Note that you will require an ORCID login and password to sign in to submit data.

You can also click here to visit the new NOAA-DBO landing page and find data.

Examples of DBO-related Datasets

If you are collecting data within the DBO region or have in the past, please consider particpating in our effort to document the type and location of data and research.

We have created the following templates in Microsoft Excel format to assist in our documentation of data collection for the DBO. Please download the file appropriate to your data collection method and email your filled out sheet to Alynne Bayard (bayard@umces.edu).

Transect Data, Click for example

Mooring Data

Satellite Data

Upper Trophic Data,Click for example; Download DBO Marine Mammal Watch Protocol-Sue Moore/UW, Jan 2023 version