PAG: Pacific Arctic Group

NEWS: You can download the agenda for the upcoming 2024 PAG Spring meeting here being held during ASSW2024 in Edinburgh, Scotland; Sunday, March 24, 2024.

"The Pacific Arctic Group (PAG) is a group of institutes and individuals having a Pacific perspective on Arctic science. Organized under the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), the PAG has as its mission to serve as a Pacific Arctic regional partnership to plan, coordinate, and collaborate on science activities of mutual interest. The four PAG principle science themes are climate, contaminants, human dimensions and structure and function of Arctic ecosystems."

Marine Ecosystem Collaboration Team (MECT)

"The theme of the MECT is increasing understanding of the structure and function of Arctic marine ecosystems and their role in the climate system and advancing predictive capabilities. The DBO has activities under the MECT umbrella of objectives with cross-agency support."

NASA DBO Satellite Visualization Products

"NASA's Cryospheric Sciences Lab in support of the NOAA Arctic Research Program Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO), which is a multi-agency program in the Arctic, provides color images of daily and weekly satellite and reanalysis data projected onto a 12.5 km Polar Stereographic grid. This site provides time series animations and multi-day averages of key variables using the most current data available. Each image includes the eight DBO areas outlined in black. Time series for each of the averages and anomalies of these variables are also included for each of the eight DBO areas. Current and historical data used toward the creation of these graphics is provided for the most recent year. If the user requires data not available for download, or has any additional questions, please contact Dr. Linette Boisvert."